Libyan British University


The faculty's vision is to serve the Libyan society in the area of law and legal matters so that it can take a prominent position in the field of law locally and internationally.


The faculty of law intends to prepare specialists in the field of law and legal studies for future employment in local or/and international legal environment. Graduates can choose from the following options :

1.Private sector

2.State sector

3.Study and scientific research


The core objectives of the law faculty are to :

  • Develop competence in relation to legal studies,
  • Equip graduates with occupational skills.
  • Consolidate graduates legal experience via training , field visits and varies scientific activities,
  • Create connection between the student's theoretical part of study of law with vocational training of different types artificial (mock) courts, visiting courts and prisons , doing empirical studies on some of subjects,
  • Guide and encourage students to use the internet to connect with other universities and scientific research center's locally and internationally to gain various knowledge and insights about the world around them and to exchange culture and views of others.