Libyan British University

On the outset, I would like to thank and appreciate your interest in visiting the British-Libyan University website.

Since its inception in 2015, the British-Libyan University has been keen to direct its mission towards the intellectual development of students who will graduate to be active in the society in a positive way to contribute to the rise of the modern state of Libya in particular and the regional and international environment in general.

This message is not limited to the education of students but goes beyond that to include the active participation of the university in the process of economic and social development, which will certainly transform the state of Libya into the knowledge economy.

Despite the recent era of the university, the number of students enrolled in the university is close to 500 students in different programs of university studies.

Your affiliation with the British Libyan University means you belong to an institution that cares about the quality of its various educational programs and its outstanding scientific research.

The success of the British-Libyan University is the result of the clear vision and noble values. We consider our students and faculty to be a research society whose members seek knowledge of all kinds, supported by an elite of competent administrators, and quality services.

We, Inshallah , are continuing to invest in our facilities. In particular, we have added a computer lab this year as well as the improvement of the classrooms and we are also proceeding with the completion of the new university building opposite Benghazi University by Tripoli Road.

Without a doubt, the students and faculty members are the cornerstone of the university, and in this sense, our mission is to exploit these talents and collective abilities to improve the reputation of the university and contribute to the revival of the state economy at home and abroad, in addition to our constant effort to make your time spent At the British-Libyan University in as valuable as possible to achieve the economic and social development of our beloved country Libya.

In conclusion, we look forward to welcoming you to the British-Libyan University.

Professor Bubaker Faraj Shareia
University's president