Libyan British University

The higher education system in Libya is facing an increasing demand for higher education which is accompanied by a great desire on the part of the students to study abroad. Britain is one of the most popular academic destinations worldwide because of its high level of education.

Therefore, the Libyan British University administration focused on saving time, effort and money for the students and families by enabling them to experience studying at the most prestigious universities by studying in Libya, which is not less than the studying in Britain, as the curriculum and certificates will be accredited by a large group of British universities. Additionally, 50% professors are members of the teaching staff in British universities.

The Libyan British University was founded in 2015 and has since dedicated itself to the pursuit of excellence and progress in knowledge. The University seeks to become one of the leading universities in the Arab world and in North Africa, recognized for its comprehensive academic and curricular programs, which are presented in the highest quality levels, using the latest electronic means based on information and communications technology to provide distinctively high quality education for everyone, everywhere. In order to achieve the vision adopted by the University of being a comprehensive educational and research institution, it provides students and institutions with a wide choice of academic programs and specialized courses in various fields under the supervision of some of the world’s leading experts.

The University awards bachelor's and master's degrees, and students are accepted in the following colleges (Economics - Law - Engineering - Technology - Languages).